How to plan a perfect Rajasthan trip?

Rajasthan has been one of my favourite travel destinations. Culinary, shopping, architecture, nature, or a variety of other reasons, this colourful state has so much to offer.   After making several customised itineraries for friends, here is a reference article for those who wish to plan a trip to Rajasthan From how to plan, what […]

Top 10 Reasons to visit Rajasthan

Colourful turbans adorned by moustached men wearing earrings. Kesariya balm…Padharo Mhare des..playing at the local dhabas in a tiny village in Rajasthan Women peeping out of the windows of intricate havelis, clad in Bandhej sarees, faces covered. I have often been asked if I stay in Rajasthan as my Instagram feed has ample of Rajasthan […]

Deeg Palace in Rajasthan

The sunlight filters through the sandstone arches, creating some gorgeous shadows in the deserted corridors of the forgotten palace of Deeg in Rajasthan. Through the arches I see splendid gardens,perfectly symmetrical and a host of intricately designed fountains in a perpendicular line. In the land of royal palaces and majestic forts, lies a lesser known […]

Vocal for Local: Local arts and crafts of India

In a tiny town called Pipli in Odisha, last December, I struck a conversation with a stranger who sat on a tailoring machine, stitching colourful pieces of Appliqué together. We spoke about handloom, the diminishing commercial value of arts and crafts in India, faith, life and parted with smiles and warm hearts. Two weeks before […]

Exploring Kutch during Rann Utsav: A complete guide

Folk tunes fill the air as the sun is ready to dive into the infiniteness of the white desert of Kutch. It is a chilly evening but the classic backdrop of the Rann, with the orange hued skies and vibrant folk dances being performed on the stage is a sight to behold. On the stage, […]

A Heritage walk inside the CSMT (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus) Mumbai

Sunlight poured in through the sandstone arches, falling on the vintage Minton flooring with geometrical patterns in the quiet corridors. I am standing in one of the most photographed structures in India. An iconic building, which is often seeing adorning the first frame of Bollywood movies, to showcase the entry of the hero to the city […]

The Lost Havelis of Shekhawati

It was at the fag end of the lonely street. Camouflaged under unkempt creepers and easily missable. A sign covered with cobwebs and dust read “Poddar Haveli” and as I tread over a pile of creaking dried leaves, my jaw dropped in awe. An 18th century haveli stood ceremoniously, with a rustic, iron lock on it’s intricately […]

Bikaner Travel Guide for First Timers

I tread with utmost caution. My eyes not leaving the ground. Petrified, wary of any sudden movement. With each step I take, I reassure myself all will be well and then I turn and scream! A furry rat jumps on my foot and scurries away to the opposite side. Saree clad women giggle while I […]

What you can do in CSIA Mumbai Aiport: Visit the Jaya He GVK Museum

It was another rushed day at the Chatrapatri Shivaji International Airport (CSIA)  in Mumbai.  I was running late, as usual. Sprinting past those plush eateries and the super tempting shopping arena. I noticed a burst of colours as I rushed towards my boarding gate.  The blurry memory of colours stayed on for a long time. […]