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Doors Of Southern India: A journey with Tata Pravesh

We travel to learn and sometimes, unlearn. We travel to open the doors to the unknown and cherish the known. There are explorations that we undertake to know a region well, to get acquainted with a different culture, to meet people, to gorge on delectable food. Then there are explorations…

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Reasons to love Myanmar

The clouds cleared as I peered outside the plane window, revealing patches of green. Golden stupas stand tall, scattered intermittently in the green mesh. I have travelled to Myanmar in a lush green morning of the year 1104. Aerial view of Mandalay “Welcome to the land of Golden pagoda”,  the foreigner…

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A meditative trek to Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Bhutan

My mind knows I can’t do it. It’s an arduous trek. With poor stamina levels and a sorrowful state of health, I try to convince myself that it is perfectly okay if I don’t attempt the six hour treacherous journey. Tiger’s Nest Trek Base But of course there is a…

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My Latest Work

The Women Of India Series #10

There was a commotion on the street. Every kid wanted their "fotu" to be taken. Their excitement and smiles were a delight to watch and capture. I noticed a lady…
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Weekly Photo Challenge : Serenity

It was nearing dusk in the Lost city (Fatehpur Sikri) and as the evening prayers started in the nearby mosque , this flock of birds took flight over the minarets.…
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Walking through Old Manali

Its not just another day. The monastery at Manali is abuzz with activity. Huge crowds have gathered to listen to the sermon of the head monk. I try and sneak…
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The Women Of India Series #9

I walked through the tiny village Anyor.The clothes hanging on colored walls was a sight to behold. The villagers sure thought I had lost it, clicking Sarees hanging out to…
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Graffiti and Street Art in Bandra, Mumbai

Who doesn't like street art and painted walls with murals? Thanks to Asian Paints and Start India  and of course Mumbai Instagrammers,  I witnessed some of the finest graffiti artist's works…
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Doors Of India: A Picture post

The quirky wanderer has a penchant for doors. Where ever she goes the first thing that captures her eyes is a door. It is quite inexplicable. But doors have always…
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The Women Of India Series #8

Adeeg, Uttar Pradesh: Its early morning and the mist is enchanting. Suddenly I spot an orange hue. I skip a heartbeat. Thousands of marigolds swaying in front of my eyes…
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Goverdhan Parikrama: Of faith and much more

  I am no fitness freak. My weight loss resolutions always get carried over to the next year and I can NEVER be on a diet. So when mom asked…
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