Doors Of India: A Picture post

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The quirky wanderer has a penchant for doors.

Where ever she goes the first thing that captures her eyes is a door. It is quite inexplicable. But doors have always fascinated me. The colors, textures and patterns on Indian doors are remnants of an old , forgotten world. And living in concrete jungles, finding a bright, freshly painted , aesthetic door is a delight in itself.

Today’s post is a Picture post. I will let the doors do the talking. Of course these are some from my collection over various Villages and towns in India.

Each door has its own story. The locals often giggle when I am photographing their doors. One bewildered lady once asked me,” Darwaza kyu kheech rahe ho?”  (Why are you clicking a Door?)

I couldn’t put in words, these are our connect to our culture. Our cities may have skyscrapers and modern amenities, but they don’t have bright blue doors , which can lift your mood instantly 🙂

The yellow charm 🙂

Walking through Vrindavan and finding such doors..

The wooden old door

Rajasthan has some beautiful, eye capturing doors 🙂

Remnants of a royal era : Udaipur
The green beauty

Rugged, rusty and barren doors can be beautiful too.

of bricks and browns

Colours galore:

Intricate detailing and a dash of color
Colour blast!

So here’s a glimpse into my collection. Let me know your “door” stories, if any, would love to hear!

56 thoughts on “Doors Of India: A Picture post

  1. Lovely shots dear… Beautiful concept. The green door is exactly like my village house doors which I occasionally visit. You just enliven the sweet memories in front of my eyes. Thanks for this simple yet heart-touching post 🙂

  2. Nice article. Lovely colors.

    I now realize, I too have captured some door pics all over the country. Will definetely try to post some article on this topic. Will tag you in the post.

  3. Hello there,

    Good collection. South India also some typical door styles. My parents stay in a house which has an ornate lock with huge keys. Will click when I visit them.


  4. Another interesting theme, Divya 🙂

    Reminds me of a saying related to doors “doors are reflections of the people inside” not the exact words but with same meaning, can we agree on that, difficult, right?

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