The Women Of India Series #8

Adeeg, Uttar Pradesh:

Its early morning and the mist is enchanting.

Suddenly I spot an orange hue. I skip a heartbeat. Thousands of marigolds swaying in front of my eyes in the mild winter breeze.

Marigold fields

I sprint towards the farm and instantly start clicking, unaware of someone watching.

I look back and see her looking at me intently.

“I am only clicking, not plucking”, I blurt.

She smiles and says ” You can pluck as many.

Of course I had no intention to pluck those beauties, but thats how I met Poonam, the girl with a gorgeous smile and immense charm.

“Want to see around?”she asked me. And who could refuse a tour around the farm, with sugarcane, banana laden trees and freshly grown vegetables (full post on the farm coming soon)

My farm guide 🙂

I was amazed at her how hospitable she was. In an era where all of us have started detesting uninvited intrusion from known people, she was happily showing a stranger around.

When it was time for me to go, she said I won’t let you go empty handed and handed over a garland of marigolds she and her sisters had made.

She blatantly refused to take money for it. The gift was priceless and so was their warmth and hospitality. Hospitality hasn’t died. Its prevalent. And we, the educated people living in concrete jungles need to learn a tiny lesson from people like Poonam 🙂

26 thoughts on “The Women Of India Series #8

  1. Hello Divya,

    This concept of “Women of India” series should really be appreciated and the way you have presented the story here is beautiful.

    I just loved the way you have started the post and how the story unfolded.

    Hope to see many more in this series …. 🙂

  2. I am sure it must be a lovely experience to meet and learn so much from people leaving in such far off lands :).

  3. Such a beautiful gesture, you are so right its a rare gesture in today’s times! will wait for the full post.

  4. A beautiful theme and a colourful tribute for all women. The lady’s serene smile truly symbolizes the gentleness of all women in the world.

    Thank you and regards.

  5. Liked the #Colors #Flowers #Rawness #Penning Style.

    India truly have tons of such hidden treasure. However, the vices have outdone or changed the belief’s of masses in humaneness, in the concrete world. Now a days, you need an eye to discern the same. Being a humanistic, seems the girl saw innocence in your eyes. Lucky you. 🙂

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