Graffiti and Street Art in Bandra, Mumbai

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I wish my house was painted like this!

Who doesn’t like street art and painted walls with murals?

Thanks to Asian Paints and Start India  and of course Mumbai Instagrammers,  I witnessed some of the finest graffiti artist’s works from around the world, during a photo walk last week.

Jude bakery, Bandra

Murals painted by Daan Botlek from Netherlands, Tona from Germany, Tika ,Bond Tru Luv,  Ano from Taiwan, Phomas from Germany, Yantri , Harshvardhan Kadam , Ranjit Dahiya from India. 

coloring up a garage.

Can’t thank them enough for making my city look so colorful and beautiful! (quirky too!) 🙂

The name is Bond!

Sharing some of their work, captured by me, during a walk in the lanes of Bandra: Pali Village, Jude Bakery, Chinbayee fishing Village and Aseema School.

Colourful walls in a playground near Aseema School


Each graffiti meant something. Of course the artist has a trillion things in his mind when he composes his art. Tell me what you think these masterpieces convey. Would love to hear your interpretations! 🙂

city struggles?

The murals are painted on walls of houses, private properties, stores, schools, bakeries and inside garages as well

Colour splash
Happiness despite all odds
Ano from Taiwan creates magic on Vienna Store


Dahiya’s wonderful Bollywood mural on Chapel Road
The details .. look closely at the silver leafs..
Of self inflicted pain.
Someone has already stuck bills 😐
Sharing burdens? A mural on a school wall
Inside an artists mind
Chinbayee Fishing village
vienna Store painted in full glory

If you wish to see any of these, make sure you read up on the locations , as many of these are not on the main road and can be missed 🙂 The St-Art project  intends to cover Delhi as well. In Mumbai, the street art is displayed in Bandra, Versova and Dharavi.

two boys looking at the freshly painted art in the school ground

Note: Apologies for a huge gap. Haven’t been reading posts due to the paucity of time and due to some personal commitments. Would catch up on all the missed posts soon. Lots of love!

43 thoughts on “Graffiti and Street Art in Bandra, Mumbai

  1. All quality rich pictures. Looks very bright and attractive. very well clicked 🙂 I would love to check it out sometime.

    PS: There is some meet of WP bloggers in Mumbai. In case you wish to join.

  2. Wow… this is some incredible work of art…
    and your effort in capturing all these images and coming up with this story should be well appreciated 🙂
    There was a similar attempt by the government agencies in Bangalore and in most of places, the quality of work was below par.
    Thank you so much for sharing and I’ll make it a point to capture them, when I visit Mumbai, next time 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot Sreejith! 🙂 I am so glad you liked it.

      Beyond mere aesthetics, the street art project provides a platform to these artists to bring their art to our country and encourages local artists as well 🙂

      I am thankful to Mumbai Instagrammers for conducting this photo walk 🙂

      Next time you are in Mumbai, do visit these. They are indeed a delight to see, capture and interpret 🙂


  3. Really love captures as well as some awesome art work. Can see the hardwork, creativity and thinking which has gone into each graffiti :).

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