The Women Of India Series #9

I walked through the tiny village Anyor.The clothes hanging on colored walls was a sight to behold. The villagers sure thought I had lost it, clicking Sarees hanging out to dry , which was quite a mundane thing for them.

I looked up and spotted a woman smoking beedi (tobacco) and clicked her. She noticed me clicking and said “Ruko!” (Wait)

I thought she would throw the beedi and pose for me. Instead she pulled her pallu to her head and said “Ab kheecho” (click now), letting out a puff in style!

In style 😀

I was amazed. This was no big city. A small town with rigid beliefs. But here was a woman who chose to live life her way, who chose to be herself proudly, fearlessly and a woman who chose her pallu over the beedi 😛

21 thoughts on “The Women Of India Series #9

  1. Love the way you bring out different stories and captures in this ‘Women of India’ series :). The lady surely looks like one feisty woman :D.

  2. finally I came visiting your beautiful blog Divyakshi and I am glad I did. What a beautiful collection of pictures and words. It was a feast for my eyes.

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