The Women of India Series #2

Meet ‘ Heero’- The girl I met at Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh.

There was a bunch of school kids, playing around near the village temple. When I stopped and asked them why is there no school today, they giggled and all gave different answers. Apparently the teacher had dismissed school early.

My eyes were on Heero who glanced at me shyly and whenever I focused my cam on her she hid her face coyly.

I finally managed to get this shot and when I showed it to her, her smile was unforgettable.

Here’s hoping that the many ‘heroo’s like her get quality education in their villages and become self independent! Amen!


heero final

7 thoughts on “The Women of India Series #2

  1. Beautiful. Isn’t it amazing how much our eyes can convey! And speak the same language! What I see in Heero’s eyes, I see in the eyes of the old woman in the previous photograph 🙂

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