The Women of India Series #4

People hurriedly climbed the steps of the Brahma Temple, The camera wasn’t allowed inside the temple, so I had deposited it in their lockers. While taking it back , I saw this lady with her gang of friends, chattering away , a part of her pallu (veil) in her mouth.

My eyes settled on her Bhor ( ornament worn by Rajasthani ladies on their heads). I followed her into the market for a click. She stopped at a bangle seller. When I was about to click she looked and I blurted out” I liked your bhor a lot.”

To which she laughed heartily and said ” It was my mother’s”.

Can modern jewellery designs ever replace the old world , vintage charm and the memories they carry?

In my opinion: Never 🙂


7 thoughts on “The Women of India Series #4

  1. In every part of India, women have their different types of ornaments.. This old lady looks beautiful but it makes me sad ki these traditional ornaments are going in pages of history. May the traditions come once again

  2. It’s called a bodla which is traditionally word by married women as a sign of matrimony in Rajasthan. You have captured her smile really well.

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