Goodwind Riding: Bikers with a mission

Travel teaches. 
It broadens perspectives, facilitates cultural exchanges, breaks barriers and those trillion stereotypes we nurture in our minds since forever.

But travel saves lives too.

While my social media feeds are filled with fancy check ins and “the hills are calling” updates, I wonder if travel has been over commercialized or sold as the coolest fad amongst the youth.
And then one cold evening in Kalpa, I meet a biker who combined his passion for riding with his passion for giving.

Picture courtesy: The Facebook page of Goodwind Riding

Well, travel also makes you bump into people who inspire you.

“Goodwind riding” the words flashed on his jacket and his eyes lit up as he spoke about his initiative.

Picture courtesy: Anil Nair

This rider was on a unique ride. This wasn’t just another ride to Spiti, it was a ride for Amarjeet and Shoyeb.

Picture courtesy: The Facebook page of Goodwind Riding

Anil Nair, an avid biker rode to the Himalayas to raise funds for the treatment of these two boys battling cancer. 


Picture courtesy: The Facebook page of Goodwind Riding

This journey had status updates on Facebook and check ins too, but these served a purpose of letting the contributors know where the rider is and made them a part of his journey. Wishes and contributions poured in. For Anil as well as the kids.

People opened up their hearts and contributed, egging Anil on as he braved the tough terrain.

Picture courtesy: The Facebook page of Goodwind Riding

The initiative bore fruit. Ample funds were collected for the treatment of both the kids at Tata Memorial. 

The passion for riding had indeed met the passion of giving.
A fortnight later , another Goodwind rider, Shekhar, flagged off a journey to the North east for raising funds for the treatment of Vishvjit and Abdul.

Picture courtesy: The Facebook page of Goodwind Riding

And very recently, a group of 14 bikers rode from Mumbai to the southern most point of Goa for children of the Bal Asha trust. 

Picture courtesy: The Facebook page of Goodwind Riding

The goal was to raise funds for providing homes to these children and better, brighter lives.

Picture courtesy: The Facebook page of Goodwind Riding

Goodwind riding encourages bikers to ride for a cause. While the biker embarks upon a journey, funds are raised for causes. These funds are not collected in the name of Goodwind riding but are directly drawn in the favour of personal accounts of the kin of the patients or the hospital.

Picture courtesy: The Facebook page of Goodwind Riding

The journey is thus not just of the biker alone but all the people connected to the motive of the ride.

For the biker it’s not just the curves and bends and thrill and speed. It’s a responsibility. 

The goal literally may be a destination but figuratively it means the betterment of that one life.
So he does not only shoulder the responsibility of safe riding but carries along the countless silent prayers of his kin and the kin of the children he rides for.

Picture courtesy: The Facebook page of Goodwind Riding

And when a ride is backed with such positive emotions, magic and miracles are inevitable. 
Anil has ignited a spark in the riding community to travel with a cause and drive one’s passion to a larger good.

If you wish to be a part of this initiative, here’s what you need to know:

1. You can be a Goodwind rider if you can undertake a specific tour for a cause or if you can raise money through charity through your social circle. 

2. Goodwind riding ensures that your ride is launched on their social media platforms and they will provide the necessary social media coverage and marketing to your ride.

3. All payments have to be online or through cheques. Cash donations aren’t permitted.

4. The money raised cannot be used for covering any expense of the biking tour.
The initiative is an excellent example of involved charity. 

[Tweet theme=”basic-white”]Giving away something that is no use to you isnt charity.Parting with something that is very close your heart sure is[/Tweet]

Something that is a part of you and you wish to share it with someone whose need is greater than yours.

What better way than to share a part of your passion, your journey with and for someone who will benefit from it. 

Dear Goodwind riders, may your tribe increase!

You can get in touch with the team at :

Facebook page of Goodwind Riding

13 thoughts on “Goodwind Riding: Bikers with a mission

  1. An incredible post, Divya …

    Thank you so much for sharing and let me read about this group and their noble deeds…

    Truly a great post to wind up the year and hope to see many more in 2017 🙂

    Wish you and family a very happy and peaceful new year 🙂

  2. This was such a moving post Divsi. How incredible is it that total strangers put their life at stake undertaking such dangerous missions to raise money for a selfless cause! Living your passion and giving back to the society, doesn’t get better than this! Thanks for writing and sharing this wonderful post!

  3. What an inspiring story! Wishing him the very best for all his endeavors!
    Thank you Divsi for introducing him and his story to us.

  4. They can also be summed up as Goodmind riding bikers. What a lovely way to give back to the world. Great initiative. Thanks for sharing this, Divyakshi.

  5. Good to read about this initiative Divyakshi. It’s the right way of combining passion and compassion – 😉 didn’t intend it to be a bad rhyme but, it shows how one can support a good cause. Thanks for the share

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