Travel : Fuelled by Love

Recently, someone asked me what has Travel taught me.

For a moment, I paused to ponder over it. For me travel is always about losing myself, finding myself. Running away from something, Running towards something. An answer to a question never asked. An inexplicable calling of a place, a place I have never seen before. Conversations with strangers: people I have never met.

Travel is all those strange faces you meet in a journey and fall in love with.

All those moments of warmth and deep bonding with people who you have never known.

All those chance conversations in buses and cafes that lead to great friendships.

All those pieces of yourself you find in the people you meet.

All those fragments you leave in others after you part with them.

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Travelling is beautiful. It is a two way affair. Where languages fail, emotions take over. Where stereotypes break, new beliefs flourish, ice is broken with simple gestures, no one cares about where you come from and the luggage of your past.

A few days ago, I came across this absolutely heart warming video of British Airways which captures this emotion beautifully.

It instantly brought back memories of a lot of people I met and befriended during travels. People whom you hardly know, but whose love strikes a chord in your heart and stays for years to come.

Of an air hostess who befriended me when I wasn’t well and that conversation turned into a lasting friendship.

Of locals who helped me find my way, gave me their numbers and were met again when I revisited the place.

Of people who opened their homes and hearts, offering not just meals and tea, but their precious time, in an age of restless chaos and trust in an era of disbelief and suspicion.

Of beautiful faces clicked by my camera but touching memories stored in my heart.

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Of inspirational stories unearthed totally by chance.

The video also reminded me of all those people I have met from across the world, who have fallen in love with India and its people.

Radhika, a yoga teacher who has made India her home.

Kathleen, an Asian traveller who loves India and keeps revisiting it for the love for its culture.

Mariellen Ward whose love for India is evident in her writings and travels.

Steve McCurry whose work speaks volumes of his affinity towards India.

And many many more.

Have you made wonderful friends while traveling? Strangers that you have fallen in love with?

People who brought a tear to your eye when you bade them goodbye.

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Do share your heart warming stories of travel fuelled by love. Would love to read them!

35 thoughts on “Travel : Fuelled by Love

  1. What a beautiful message and writing on travel – I agree with you! The feeling to embrace the unknown is often indescribable but they always bring heartwarming feeling when remembering the memories we had 🙂

  2. Beautiful post Divsi! I think only people who can connect instantly to a new place and its folks can enjoy the whole travel adventure. You obviously have that kind of magnetic charm that makes strangers warm upto you. Loved the post! Keep travelling and taking us with you through your stories!

  3. Hi Divsi, thank you for mentioning me, I hope I’m the Kathleen (Kat) you’re referring to! 😉 I love travelling, and I don’t think I can go back to life before I was bitten by the travel bugs – life has changed completely for me. Without travels, I would not have met kind, generous and lovely people in the midst of this cynical and violent world that we are living in. Your post is reminding us all of the love, peace and positivity that we should and continue to strive for. Cheers.

    1. Yes Kat! This is indeed referring to you 🙂 humbled and truly in awe of your India love and passion for Indian travel 🙂 completely after with you, without travel we wouldn’t get to meet positive people. Glad you liked the post! Much love 🙂

  4. After reading this, I wanna quit my job, dig out my pot of gold, convert in into dollars and run away ! Wow! I always knew travel was fun, and I have enjoyed my littles escapades but I always thought, at some point it’s bound to get repetitive. After reding this, I don’t think so!
    Very powerful post.

  5. That’s a really amazing post. I remember some recent conversations with Ukranians and Georgians during my trip to Russia. It was quite exciting to understand their perspective about Indians and how they understand and perceive our culture :D.

  6. I only travel between the pages of book, but love your blog, and I love this post…it is so relatable and uplifting….the line “in an age of restless chaos and trust in an era of disbelief and suspicion” resonates especially…thank you for your comforting post…thanks for sharing 🙂

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