The Magic: Travel inspiration

Beauty of Kinnaur

It were the clouds, I swear. The fluffy white clouds soaked in the sunset at Fagu floating over the mountains like magic.

Spread over as far as I could see. With the sun rays making the blanket orange, then pink till twilight gobbled it all.


sunsets in Himachal
The sun , the sky and the flower

The next morning it was the dewdrops, you know.
I walked on the pebbled pathways with flowers keeping me company all through. While I looked at the peaks devoid of clouds, they danced in the breeze to seek attention, with dew drops shining on their shivering petals.

flowers of Himachal
Look past me!

The dusk brought surprises too. The sweet scent of Serendipity of discovering a hidden valley of flowers in Sarahan while on a trail to see the Colourful tragopan. Walking on mossy tracks with forest fragrances rampant in the air.

forests of Himachal
The walk to remember


Light play

It was magic I tell you. The rays over Shrikhand Mahadev lighting up the mountain and the bells of the Bhimakali temple Aarti announcing it.

The Bhimakali temple, Sarahan

There was energy and there was awe.
Wishes granted even before they were articulated.

kinnauri architecture
The green dream : A house in Sarahan

It happened again. At the curves, when life was at the edge on NH 22, precariously holding on. With a deep gorge on one side and rocks on the other.

Getting lost weaved magic too. It led to goat trails and the roaring Baspa with deodhars lost in mist. It led to fairy tale houses and smiling locals in Batseri. It led to apples shining like red dots in the green.

magic of Himachal
Postcard views

And then next day it there was magic in solitude, in the silence in the thick mountain air, where I hear my own breathing, sitting on a rock with feet dipped in the Baspa’s coolness. There was a song in my head and an unsung tune. A happy one, leading to a spring in my step. All was well.

Baspa in Chitkul
Silence inside gush outside

There was magic in this journey, in those lone walks of solitude, in finding bubbling streams and giggling rivers.

rivers in Himachal
When nature is happy

The magic returned. When drama enfolded over Kinner Kailash, with the mountains changing colours as the sun played hide and seek.

It returned with prayer flags fluttering in the cold breeze as I stood rooted at the monastery hearing Om Mane Padme Hum.


It returned when I saw the priceless smiles of the girls at the Baalika ashram and the kids who ran home after the school bell rung.

Himachal kid
That glee!

It returned when I tried to fathom the mystic energy at the sacred grove: of energy in trees and a song in the breeze.

sacred grove kalpa
The way to the mystic sacred grove

It returned in random wanderings and silent ramblings. In the sound of singing cicadas and the rustle of leaves.

It returned when I encountered genuine hearts, helpful souls and a hospitality like none other.

Hotel Grand Shamba La
The view from Grand Shamba La, Kalpa

When I stood on the edge of the Suicide point feeling grateful for this gift of life!

Roghi village
Suicide point

When I stumbled upon nature’s beauties : mushrooms shooting out of nowhere, unkempt, wild, beautiful.

It was there all along.
When I stuck out my head and let the mountain air hit my face on the winding curves leading to Narkanda and one of the most serene sunsets ever.

Sunsets and solitude

When the meadows of Hatu peak spread over like a green blanket with surprise encounters of birds and flowers.

When flowers popped out of nowhere and fingers encountered their warmth and softness and eyes their beauty!

When the slow, quiet pace of Chail enveloped me as life came to a standstill when I walked aimlessly under the shadows of these silent witnesses.

The mist swirled around the Oak and Deodhar before it submerged into the dark slowly and stars got out of their hiding place to come out and meet me.

We conversed for a long long time.
I smiled they winked.

They sprinkled happiness of a lifetime as I sat in silence, hands outstretched, grasping that warm, tingling feeling called magic.

Note: This piece is written to celebrate a year full of magical memories of that blessed trip to Kinnaur. 

Doreen, I will be forever indebted!


49 thoughts on “The Magic: Travel inspiration

  1. Marvelous! Simply marvelous. You have a literary and photography masterpiece here. The magic is so intertwined in those words and the photos. While I wait for the call of Kinnaur, I’ll sit back and visit the place through this piece. Amazing Divyakshi!

      1. There is some problem either with the website or my server. I can’t see the comment section and it says “not secure” at the navigation bar. Hence I am commenting here.

        Beautiful post. love the way you expressed the magic you experienced in the hills of Kinnaur. Sarahan is such a beautiful place. Totally loved trekking there.

  2. I can’t even… Sheer poetry. This post is for keeps. It won’t be an understatement if I said this is the most beautiful write up on Kinnaur that I’ve laid my eyes upon. Magic.

    *Slow claps* Divyakshi.

    1. This comment brought a hugeeee smile Shubham! 🙂 When it comes from a person who knows the place like home it means so much 🙂 Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks Divya for transporting me to magical Kinnaur through your poetry and photos.
    Kinnaur will always hold a special place in my heart as it was my first exposure to the Himalayas way back in Oct 1986 when we did the fantastic Sarahan to Sangla trek. Secondly, I met some of my best friends on this trek. Thirdly because the Kinner Kailash range introduced me to our very caring and hospitable Prithvi Raj Negi of the Grand Shambala

    1. Doreen, remember the conversation we had in Kalpa, about the universe and connections! So blessed are we to experience it all. Hope to relive all those moments with you all over again, to see your child like enthusiasm when you showed the base of your trek! 🙂 Hugs!

  4. So Beautiful! I have just left, but feel the pull to return strengthen as i peruse your inspirational photos and words. Thankyou!

  5. Awesome Divyakshi!!!! I couldn’t come for this tour but through your poetic words and the lovely pix I felt I was there walking besides you could smell the flowers, feel the crispiness in the air….just enjoying myself… thanks for this lovely post…

  6. You’ve got such a wonderful style of storytelling! The Magic of the photos match the Magic of your words so well. When I looked at your Pictures then I have to say that the clouds do look absolutely stunning and the mountains seem to be so Close to the sky as well. Thank you for sharing this article!

  7. You’re a poet when it comes to narrate the story from a poet’s perspective. You’re a storyteller when it comes to share your experiences through emotions. You’re a magician who directs the show in the backdrop of stunning pictures. There is nothing more I can say to describe what I felt after ‘Experiencing’ this post. Loved it, Divyakshi. 🙂

  8. The pictures are breathtaking! The beauty of a few words! Your enthusiasm ; your being in touch with the silence ; allowing the solitude to still your mind; serenity to the inner core is an experience. Thanks ever so much for sharing.

  9. What a wonderfully lyrical and moving tribute to the magic of Kinnaur! Your beautiful words and photos have conveyed its wonder and magnificence all the way across the world where they’ve lodged in my heart. Fantastic!

  10. The poetic expression and the dreamy pictures are making me yearn for the hills. Walking along the misty mountain roads framed by oaks and deodars is one of my favourite things. Sometimes simple pleasures are the best. Lovely post.

  11. Creating magic with words and then adding equally magical pictures… Leaving the reader mesmerizing. Beautiful place to be and equally justifying post to show the beauty to the lesser mortals who are yet to be there. Loved your post 🙂

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