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The Magic: Travel inspiration

It were the clouds, I swear. The fluffy white clouds soaked in the sunset at Fagu floating over the mountains like magic. Spread over as far as I could see.…
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Kinner camps and the beauty of Sangla

I woke up to the whiff of a freshly baked cake.But I was at the Kinner camps in Sangla, Himachal Pradesh and this was definitely a hallucination ( err what…
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 NH 22: One of the deadliest roads in the world

"NH 22 " reads a road sign standing aloof on the edge of a bumpy road. I roll down the car window and inhale the crisp, chilly mountain air. Breathe…
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A walk in Batseri village , Sangla 

As a kid I always dreamt of a house in the hills. The house in the hills we used to paint in class 1. With hills and a river meandering…
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The Himachal prelude

It wasn't my first visit to Himachal. The state had been privy to my childhood vacations and there was always a sense of nostalgia associated with the hills.It wasn't my…
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