The Art of Doing Nothing at Mystic Mountain, Nagarkot


I hardly linger around in the hotels I stay at while traveling. Usually being first person to get up and leave the hotel in a jiffy to explore. On a usual trip that is always the case.
But Nagarkot was an exception. Not out of choice, but forced circumstances. The result? Read on!

Will she be able to make it?” Ami asks in concern as I wheeze my lungs out. We had left Chitwan and Bronchitis had decided to ruin the last leg of my Nepal trip, Now the big question was to take refuge in Kathmandu, where the local festivities of Indra Jatra were on in full swing or proceed to Nagarkot, a hill station 2 hours away from Kathmandu.

villages of Nepal
The Greenery of Nagarkot


Something deep down in my heart told me to carry on. The mountains heal. Always.

So off we went, on winding curves with the sun setting down over terraced paddy fields. Even before reaching the destination, I knew this would be a place that would wind itself on my heart like a warm, tingly feeling that can only be felt.

Countryside of Nepal
Enroute Nagarkot

After a 13 hour , nearly killing journey, I can see the outline of pine trees in the dark, lit up by the car lights. The car comes to a halt at a property which has actually emerged out of nowhere!
Too tired to even soak in first impressions of the place, I drag myself to the room to get in bed.


The room at Hotel Mystic mountain, Nepal


The staff clearly understanding that something is amiss whipped up a soothing Tomato soup ( one of the best I had in along long time) and Dal Khichdi (mashed lentils and rice). And who better than Ami, a fellow blogger and friend to give company at a time like this.

I am constantly thinking of tomorrow. “How will I go out? Would I be able to go for the small trek?”
But Hotel Mystic Mountain had other plans.
What followed was a dreamless sleep and hours later the chirping of birds.

I woke up to find clouds hovering outside the French window.

mountains of Nepal
The spread of Clouds


I had clearly overslept. Feeling guilty, I rushed to the balcony and gasped. Clouds had enveloped the mountains and spread far like a woollen blanket. It is 7.30 am and I have missed the sunrise but the scene in front of me doesn’t make me feel bad at all.

Nepal nagarkot
The hills and the clouds

I plonk myself on a chair and look at the mountains. No conversation. No thoughts. No hurry. Nothing. Just them and me.
I got myself a cup of coffee and sat in my PJs, watching the movement of the clouds. Half an hour later, I am still there, doing nothing.

View from the balcony

And guess what, I am actually feeling good about it. Not hurrying up, not chiding myself and not getting anxious of ‘missing out’.
My body joins in this celebration of doing nothing (secretly happy) as time slows down and I finally understand why the hotel is called Mystic Mountain.


nagarkot hotels
The panoramic view of the hills from my window


For a moment, I even forget the ordeal of the previous night.
The clouds clear and we get a glimpse of the gorgeous Himalayas and it’s Snow White peaks. The valley down doesn’t stop to amaze. A velvety spread with different shades of green, straight out of a postcard, with tiny houses scattered all over.

Things to do in Nagarkot
The green velvet


Nagarkot is a small hill station, 32 kms away from Kathmandu and it is known for its panoramic views of the Himalayas, including the mighty Everest! It overlooks the Kathmandu valley and is a wonderful mesh of the Nepali countryside and village life.

Langtang ri trekking Nagarkot
The mountain Langtang Ri

Taking a deep breath, I inhale the mountain air, wanting to pack a generous amount of it with me for keeps.

where to stay in nagarkot
Mornings like these

The Plan of action is now final: I am doing nothing today, defying my standard course of behaviour. With the first task of cloud watching was soul fulfilling , the second one worked around the tummy. It was breakfast with a view, only found it difficult to gaze at the view outside when the spread in front gave really tough competition.
(Thanks to Chef Mahesh, who whipped up a culinary fantasy).



So here’s another hat tip to the staff of Hotel Mystic mountain. Their courtesy, their ever smiling faces and willingness to help. In my heart of hearts, I silently thank my gut feel for urging me to go on further and give myself a perfect place to recuperate.
The mist is back again and it is time for task three: gaze into infinity ( well, not literally, I meant the infinity pool).
There was no way I would take a dip in the freezing waters today, but to watch the waters of the infinity pool leading straight to the mountains was therapy in itself.


Pool of Mystic Mountain Nagarkot
The infinity pool

While my friends are frolicking in the water, I indulge in what I do best ( clicking From where I stand pictures!) This gave me another reason to return to Mystic mountain. Next time to click that enviable infinity pool photo facing the hills!



By noon, I had actually started enjoying having no real agenda and I chided myself for feeling happy about it. Right then another lame task was added to this already ridiculous POA: clicking pictures!
I can vouch that I have never spent time in a hotel for a photo shoot and here I was, giggling and posing for cameras! While on a ‘normal’ day this idea would seem preposterous, today was a welcome exception.


nagarkot nepal mystic mountain hotel
The art of doing nothing mastered!

And just when the mountains and me were hi-fiving each other at this tiny achievement, it was time to bid them adieu.
Felt oddly intuitive, like this was ‘meant to be’, this short yet meaningful stay, at the right time, at the end of the trip. Like the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle fitting snuggly.

The idyllic landscapes gave us company all through our journey till the plains. The scenes were perfect: villages of the Nepali countryside dotted across the paddy fields in a blur, mountain goats going back home and the sun setting over picturesque landscapes of Nagarkot.


I feel a slight chill in the air, warm and comforting, as if reassuring that sometimes it is okay to practise the art of doing nothing and return satiated from a place.
For this I thank the mighty Himalayas and the all the mountain peaks for their silent , yet comforting company.
I thank the staff of Mystic Mountain for their top notch hospitality and I thank Nagarkot for the slow, infectious charm it weaved on me!


A quick review of Hotel Mystic Mountain, Nagarkot:
Location: 5/5 Couldn’t have asked for better views.


Nagarkot Nepal hills
The views from the hotel

Food: 4.5/5: Great effort on the culinary front by the Chef.

places to see near Kathmandu
Brownie for the soul!

Service: 4.5/5: Super helpful, despite language barriers.


Things you must know:

  • Nagarkot is 32 km from Kathmandu and is at an height of 2175 m.
  • Nagarkot is a perfect place to relax and unwind. Rather than searching for things to do, its best to soak in nature’s beauty.
  • Winters in Nagarkot can be very cold. Its best to carry warm wear.
  • Nagarkot is not very developed and basic health care can be found in either Bhaktapur or Kathmandu, so be prepared.
  • Nagarkot is known for its eco trails and hiking trails.
  • There is also paragliding with Everest view for adventure enthusiasts.


Note: I was invited to Nepal by Nepal Tourism Board and Explore Himalaya.


hotels in Nagarkot

55 thoughts on “The Art of Doing Nothing at Mystic Mountain, Nagarkot

  1. some stunning visuals! No matter we say… Himalayas sell! Sell… because it is hard to turn down any trip in Himalayas.

    All I can say after looking at your pictures is “Maja ni life”

  2. Wow! Stunning pictures. I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t in your best of health. But looking at the positive side, you got a chance to relax and take it easy.
    Nepal and EBC is on VT’s list. So maybe soon 🙂 I will keep Nagarkot in mind.

  3. Lovely write-up, Divsi. The sweeping views of the snow peaked mountains, mist laden green valleys and the romantic setting of the hotel really compensated for the long, backbreaking ride from Chitwan. Nagarkot indeed is a beautiful place to just sit back and watch the clouds and mist play peekaboo with the mountains.

    1. Thanks so much Ragini! 🙂 Absolutely. It was indeed a welcome break and the pampering was amazing! 😀 Loved the romantic charm of Nagarkot!

  4. Sometimes it does good to take a break and just be with yourself and the nature. The hotel seems fantastic. Lovely views and how sweet of the staff to make you soup and khichdi 🙂
    We are like that on our trips too…off exploring as soon as we wake up. But on two occasions recently we didn’t step out of our beach resorts. Good hotel and facilities are indeed an important factor and it does good not to be in a hurry but just relax in comfy beds with stunning views 🙂

    1. The staff is incredible! 🙂 Their efforts to help me out were heartwarming! So well said, Aditi. There are times when all you need is a slow pace and nature:)

  5. Divsi, you’re a doing a fantastic job promoting Nepali tourism 😀 Your photos are so beautiful. It has definitely inspired me to try out this hotel the next time I am home. Such lovely mountains views! 🙂 I have been to Nagarkot a few times before, but never with a night stay. It’s a popular picnic spot for Nepali teenagers and students. I am glad you had a great time in Nagarkot.

    1. That coming from a Nepali is a biggg thing! 🙂 Thanks so much Pooja! 😀 I am sure you would love it. It is a fairly new property. The views were stunning! The Himalayas: up close and personal! 🙂

  6. Have trekked in Nepal in 1992 and 2000 but always missed Nagarkot. So it was sheer happiness to read your blog and see the beautiful pics of mountains, clouds and green fields

  7. Did you say the art of doing nothing? I do consider myself a bit of an Avant Garde artist in that aspect:) Loved the pictures and make me… well do exactly that! Kindly pass the brownie!

    1. hahaha! Then this place is JUST for you 🙂 Thanks for the appreciation. Well you have to make the trip for the brownie! It was YUM 😀

  8. Surely if you are going to have a rest day to recuperate, doing so in a magical place like Hotel Mystic Mountain is the best! Your photos of the views are epic but my favourite is PJs and socks propped on table with that view, oh my gosh, what a view!

  9. Your images are beautiful and the use of green velvet as a descriptor is perfect. I tend to be the first up and out when I travel too. I will go and do things people I’m with aren’t interested in and then come back for them and they are still in bed… I usually end up run down and sick and they are relaxed and rejuvenated

  10. Unfortunately the body often tells you when you need to slow down, and this is the perfect place to slow down when you have such an amazing views, with great amenities such as the infinity pool, along with the food which is well deserves.

  11. Ah Bronchitis sucks – sorry to hear that! Being sick while traveling is never fun, and even when you’re not sick, sometimes you just need a down day to relax and recouperate after an exhaustive previous one. It feels so good to just sit back and soak in the views sometimes – as you said, the art of doing nothing! I think this is the world’s way sometimes of telling us we need to slow down.

    Nagarkot definitely has some beautiful panoramic views, and no doubt that mountain air would have been incredible to just breath. The staff of Hotel Mystic mountain sound like they took fantastic care of you.

  12. I too never stay at hotel and just wait for the morning to start the exploration specially clicking sunrise photographs. Lately, I have been reading a lot on Nagarkot and your en route photographs are so encouraging that I have to be there soon. I love hill stations for they offer mountain tops either snow-capped or wrapped in clouds. Scene from French window is a picture perfect moment for me. All these photographs remind me of my stay at Naggar Castle near Manali where I enjoyed Kullu valley all day from the balcony. This place and its surrounding mountain range are calling me.

  13. I was so mesmerized by the beautiful scenery in your pictures that I kept forgetting where I stopped reading in the post. With a view like that from the balcony it wouldn’t be hard to convince me, someone who’s not a huge fan of long hikes to stay put and take in the fresh air and view (sick or not sick) Being zinc on a trip does suck though and i remember getting strep throat when I arrived in Belgrade. My friends soaked a tea towel with alcohol (Rakija) and put it on my head

  14. What a perfect way of experiencing the mountains, the nature, the beauty around – by doing nothing. This is really one thing that I am yet to master. We often roam around a lot on our travels, never stopping much at one single place and doing nothing like you did here. I am going to practice this on my next vacation

  15. Such a heavenly place. Although getting there from the airport was daunting while I visited some 5 years ago. I am truly in love with Nagarkot, a perfect place to spend 3-4 days unwinding.

  16. Sometimes, doing nothing is all that is need to feel everything. The mountains definitely have their way of healing. You submit yourself to them and the rest is magic. You definitely seem to have had a wonderful time at the mystic mountains. And I’m sure with a breakfast spread like that and the view even better, you have had the ultimate bliss 🙂 Love your pictures Diyakshi. Keep inspiring!

  17. I think once in a while one needs to pause, and take some time off to do absolutely nothing. If this happens to be in such lovely surroundings as Nagarkot, then it is definitely a blissful experience. Of course it was unfortunate that you were unwell, which is so depressing when you are traveling. But the silver lining was that you were able to get some rest and rejuvenate and recharge yourself in the beautiful environs of Nagarkot.

  18. Love your title for the article. My days are so jam packed that it’s really hard when I’m on vacation to actually sit down, relax and make no plans! The infinity pool photo facing the hills may make it easy though to accomplish this task and I definitely wouldn’t mind eating all that delicious looking food. Thanks so much for sharing!

  19. You have no idea how happy I was to see you feeling better the next morning. It sure was a relaxing morning and doing nothing was just so much fun. It was a reminder for me also, to take it easy.

  20. I still remember you were in full praise for my posts on Nepal and the pictures but this is world class. Enjoyed reading the post, the way you have played with the words. Keep inspiring DIvsi.

  21. Ds is such a beautiful post and i have read a piece like this after a long time. Your pictures refreshed me up in every way. I think I too need a break like ds – doing nothing and refreshing your soul with these vistas. Looks like amazing property with great views. Thanks for sharing.

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