Iceland : Where dreams are a reality

There are places you see recurrently in your dreams. Sometimes bizarre experiences with a deja vu feeling. There is a connect and you cannot explain what it is.

There have been few vivid dreams I have seen, featuring polar bears on floating icebergs and pristine glacial lakes surrounded by fiery volcanoes. 

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As my itchy feet started exploring the world bit by bit, places were ticked off the bucket list only to be replaced by new ones.

And soon Iceland started shimmered on top of the list. 

I wondered why the bias to a country I have never been to. 

Was it because of stunning photographs or envious travel accounts of people who have already visited it or those surreal dreams I revisited time and again.

In case you don’t know, Iceland is a land of contrasts and perhaps the most surreal landscapes: from glaciers to geysers, from black beaches to blue lagoons, from frozen ice caves to hot water springs, from towering cliffs to thunderous waterfalls. 

So here’s a list of ten reasons why Iceland is on my wish list (being a nature lover) and the dreams that support each one of them:

1.Whale watching In North Iceland: 


“I see crystal clear waters and translucent light above me. It’s the sun, I know and the surface isn’t very far, as I swim upwards, only to find a dark movement over me. It hovers, blocking the sun. My heart races as I swim underneath it. It’s a whale.” I wake up wishing the dream never ended.

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Iceland is known for the variety of whales that frequent its waters. From the majestic Humpback whale to Minke whales.

And if you get very lucky, you can even see the incredible Blue whale. Most whale watching tours are in North Iceland near the Dalvik village where travellers can spot these beauties from a rib boat. 


2. Skaftafell Park : of black desert sands and glacial rivers.

“In the middle of the dense birch wood forest were faint sounds of water at a distance. I pant as I climb higher. This isn’t an easy hike. The cliffs are mysterious and I keep walking to find the source of water and Whoa! It is a gigantic waterfall.”

I wake up abruptly to sound of running tap water.

A hiker’s paradise, Skaftafell boasts of breathtaking vistas, its black sand plateaus blend with icy lagoons and stunning glaciers, making it every photographer’s dream.
It houses the Svartifoss waterfall also known as the Black fall is a waterfall that flows along basalt cliffs, making it a mysterious beauty.



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3. Jokulsarlon : of Titanic Icebergs

“It was a jam. Me and Mr.Furry (the polar bear) craned our necks to see through the floating icebergs. “Why doesn’t this move!” I ask. And we see an army of polar bears going somewhere…”


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I say this with full conviction that Jokulsarlon can make anyone wish they could teleport to it. Picture this: Snow White ice bergs floating in the glacial lagoon and if luck favours you, you get to see the magical northern lights! Here is where dreams turn to reality.


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In winter, who wants to go ice caving( me! Me!) at the enchanting Vatnajokull glacier, where you can enter the frozen caves and explore them!

And what’s better ? You can choose to stay at one of these exotic hotels while you chase the Northern lights!

4. Asbyrgi canyon: of hidden lores

Haven’t we all dreamt of a sitting atop a canyon, with towering cliffs? What if the canyon is in a horse shoe shape and a tree haven, with varieties of birch, willow, fir, larch and pine? 

Ancient lore says that Asbyrgi Canyon was once known for its hidden tribes. It is also known as the Shelter of Gods. (Not surprised! )

Pic courtesy: Guide to Iceland

5. Husey in East Iceland: A summer dream

“Untouched beauty, the backdrop of mountains, the sun shining over my face and the company of feathered beauties. I walk amongst grazing reindeer and I know even in my dream, this is a dream.”

Husey in Iceland is a summer spring dream, attracting riders. But my reason to visit it is different. 

Pic courtesy: Guide to Iceland

Reindeer grazing,

Seals lazying,

And me birding! 

With several species of birds like the Great Skua, the Arctic Tern, the Black-tailed Godwit, the Redshank, the Whimbrel, and the Red-necked Phalaropem, Husey is a birder’s paradise.

6. Reynisfjara Beach: the mystic black beauty

“It was a strange dream,a black sand beach. How is it even possible? I laugh as I get out of bed.”

Pic courtesy: Guide to Iceland

On the south coast of Iceland, the Atlantic waves roar and crash on black sandy shores. The beach has ethereal landscapes: enormous basalt rocks and gigantic sea stacks, now home to nesting puffins. The beach has a mysterious lore attached to it and is truly one of my biggest reasons to visit the country. 

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7. Thingvellir national park: A Dive to remember

“There needs to be something that explains my recurring diving dreams!”

A blend of culture, history and geology, Thingvellir is situated in South west Iceland and is famous for it’s Rift Valley, the largest natural lake in Iceland and Silfra diving spots.The Thingvellir area is part of a fissure zone running through Iceland, being situated on the tectonic plate boundaries of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The faults and fissures of the area make evident the rifting of the earth’s crust.

Pic courtesy: Guide to Iceland

The Silfra fissure, is known as one of the top dive sites in the world. This is actually a crack between the North American and Eurasian continents, meaning that you dive or snorkel right where the continental plates meet and drift apart about 2cm per year and you can directly be in the crack between two continental plates.

8. Hekla: The Active volcano

“The nightmare that it was: I was too close to the volcano when it erupted and I didn’t budge. The molten lava in all its fury was so fascinating and I was rooted, ignoring all the screams”. 

Pic courtesy: Guide to Iceland

It’s a dream to visit an active Volcano and what better than Hekla, an active volcano situated in South Iceland. Legends say it is here that witches gather to meet the devil and Hekla is the Gateway to hell. With the looming danger of it erupting anytime, hikers still hike in the region and it is extremely popular for skiing in spring. 

9. Hornstrandir Nature Reserve: The bliss of solitude and nature.

North Iceland is one of the least inhabited places and Hornstrandir in all its vastness was once home to farmers and their sheep and fishing families, now what remains are deserted meadows full of wildflowers mushrooming in alpine moss and remnant of the past habitation. One of the most picturesque parts of Iceland, it is famous for its hikes. It is a perfect place for those who seek sweeping views of the backcountry and savour them in solitude. 

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10. Blue lagoon Spa: the ultimate detox

After all the diving and caving and hiking and birding, Iceland has the perfect solution to unwind. A geo thermal spa situated in a lava field with warm waters rich in silica and sulphur. The waters are said to cure skin diseases. 

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All you need to do is rent a car from Reykjavik and head straight to the Blue Lagoon for a natural spa like none other.

I am sure you will wonder why have I ended with a man made wonder after all the mystical natural gems of Iceland?

Isn’t it obvious. Need to get closer to real world and drift away from the dream that makes you doubt reality! Here are some tips to plan your trip to Iceland. 

Because it is only in Iceland that all my weird, surreal dreams will find their closest real counterparts. 

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31 thoughts on “Iceland : Where dreams are a reality

  1. Iceland is on my list too! I’ve been trying to get there for the longest. Affordable flights from Texas are supposed to be coming really soon. I can’t wait! The Blue Lagoon and the scuba diving are high on my list of the major things I want to do in Iceland

  2. We also have the dream to go to Iceland. It’s actually on Ms.Rice her top 5 wish list 😀 We only thought about seeing the polar light or doing an glacier trekking. But these are plenty of good activities to take into account. Thanks a lot !

  3. Iceland has quickly become one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet and your article really paints a picture of why that is the case. Your images are fantastic and the information your provide is very helpful. Can’t wait to make my way to the country.

  4. I spent seventeen days in Iceland last April. It was an incredible trip! Svartifoss and the Silfra rift are must sees!! Do book a plane ticket and go, you won’t regret it. Just remember to practice sustainable tourism. Its a tiny country that sees millions of tourists. We have to do our part to keep Iceland pristine!

  5. Wow, Amazing Iceland!! Have not been and like you it is on my bucket list of places to visit. I actually had no idea it is a country with such contrasting landscapes. I can’t wait to visit soon…reading this article has certainly fueled the fire to go!!

  6. Iceland has been on end my dream destinations. It’s incredible that despite the tiny size of the nation, it has so much to offer to the outdoor and adventure enthusiasts. It’s time you go and visit Iceland.

  7. These are all the reasons I want to visit Iceland too! But I think I might wait awhile. Tourism is kinda getting out of hand in the country, but hopefully one day when the craze has died down!

  8. Jokulsarlon sounds like a wanderer’s dream. Floating icebergs and northern lights is such a killer combination. I have never been to Iceland but just like you it had been ruling my sub-conscious since I started reading about its wonders!

  9. Iceland is indeed the stuff that dreams are made of. My most surreal dreams seem to take shape Iceland. The landscapes of the place are simply stunning and something that I have seen only in a dream state. Hope to transform all my surreal dreams into dreamlike reality in Iceland someday.

  10. Your article is a testimony to the great travel options that Iceland presents. Such landscapes as one can imagine only in dreams, gorgeous waterfalls, beautiful snow covered peaks, cliffs and green mountains and then the northern lights. I also heard, it has some of the best camping sites in the world. Have got to visit soon

  11. The photos they have provided you with are stunning! I can now see why Iceland is becoming THE place to go for travel adventurists! I’ve pinned it on my Places to Check Out board!

  12. Those pictures are stunning and really do make me want to visit Iceland soon. I would love to also go whale watching and see the puffins as I have never see puffins i teh wild.

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