Blue Grotto, Capri Island: The sea cave in Italy

The sea breeze is strong and the waves lash at the edge of the jetty, where I stand watching the green waves as they shimmer in the sun.


With every wave,a jet of sea salt is sprayed and a pile full of seaweed is lashed to the shore.

I have just embarked from the jet foil and the first sight of Capri has left me in awe.

Tiny boats dance over the the crystal green waters of the Tyrrhenian sea as I face a bustling, vibrant town nestled in an island known for its chic designer boutiques, beautiful villas camouflaged under bougainvillea, colorful windows with floral facades, gorgeous cafes and more.

capri island italy

All these overlooking a brilliant blue-green sea. But all this will be explored later. For now,a yacht awaits to take me to the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra)

in the sea

The yacht ride is beyond beautiful with rugged seascapes, azure waters,limestone mountains and robust sea winds hitting my face.

en route blue grotto from capri

I stand at the edge of the yacht enjoying this blissful ride, the summer sun and the countryside music playing in the yacht.

boat ride

The adrenaline rush hasn’t set in as yet. I wonder why.

Of course there is a nagging curiosity and excitement to see this surreal natural wonder of the world.

I have seen pictures of the cave and cannot wait to see if it is actually worthy of all the hype.Will it really be illuminated? Will I actually be able to go inside?(70% tourists come back disappointed because if the weather turns bad,there is no way you can visit the cave)

History of the Blue Grotto:


During the time of ancient Rome,the cave was used by Emperor Tiberius when he had retired to Capri.It was one of his favorite nymphae (temple dedicated to sea nymphs).

Sculptures have been found from the grotto and it is believed that the bottom of the cave has more.

It is believed that the locals avoided the cave (known in the past as Grotta di Gradola) because it was said to be inhabited by witches and demons.

However this changed when the cave was re-discovered by a German writer August Kopisch and painter Ernst Fries who visited the cave with local fishermen.After which the cave became extremely popular with tourists and visitors.

After forty minutes,we reach the opening to the Blue Grotto and I am taken by surprise. The entrance is barely a few feet wide and with a height of barely one meter. How on earth do people go inside?

entrance blue grotto

The area is buzzing with activity. There are many more yachts full of tourists waiting for rowboats to take them inside. The rowboats are long and thin boats which could only accommodate a minimum of 2 and maximum 4 people.

boats at capri

The boatmen gear up to help people from the yacht into the rowboats.

As I patiently wait for my turn I see the excited faces of the people going inside the cave and the absolutely thrilled expressions of those who have just exited.

outside blue grotto

Exactly five minutes later I understand why.

The boatman instructed us to lie down in the rowboat and not sit up till he says. I see the waves rising and the sea salt spraying on my face. I hide my camera under its rain cover, praying the boat doesn’t topple,as I fumble searching for my iPhone.

There isn’t any safety gear provided.But strangely its not scary. He pulls the boat in the cave with all his might and for one second I feel,we mint just hit the rocks.

A few seconds later, I look up.It is pitch dark.An eerie silence envelops us. I hear him whisper “Safe now“.

The cavern is 25 metros wide and 60 metros long.

I get up and sit in the rowboat and gasp.A streak of sunlight breaks in through the cave opening and illuminates the cobalt blue waters.

blue grotto 3

And suddenly the place looks magical. Almost surreal.As if living a dream.

blue grooto 5

I am suddenly reminded of the sea cave in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince,where Dumbledore and Harry land up looking for the Horcrux.

The ride lasts for less than three minutes and there is a tearing conflict.To capture this gorgeous, magical place in my lens and to experience this out-of-the-world sea cave ride.

blue grotto 6

As the boat pulls out into the daylight again,I understand what the hype was all about.

blue grotto exit

Why the nature has its beauties tucked away in faraway corners and why there are so many unsolved mysteries on this earth which can never be comprehended,just experienced.

blue grotto 1

Fact File:

1. Blue Grotto is a must visit when in Italy. It is a one day getaway from Naples and can be clubbed with exploring Capri and Anacapri.

boats at capri island

2. Take a jet foil from Naples and reach Capri island.

3. There are yachts from Capri which take you to Blue Grotto and back.

4. Another way to reach the Grotto is by bus from Anacapri.

5. Hours: 9 am to 5 pm daily. Closed during rough seas and high winds.

6. Ticket price: 13 Euros.

7. Best time to visit during the day: When the sun is up, between 12-2 pm, this is helpful as the sunlight helps to create the magical. illuminated effect inside the cavern.

8. Swimming is not allowed, no matter how tempting it is. It is both illegal and unsafe.

No matter how tempting the waters are!

blue waters

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46 thoughts on “Blue Grotto, Capri Island: The sea cave in Italy

      1. I’ve been really good actually. Trying to get back to blogging; moved to a new blog space. Things a looking good 🙂
        How is everything at your end? Super jealous of all your travel stories 😉

  1. Loved the description of the journey into the cave. The tiny yatches, sea salt getting sprayed on the face as the boat navigated through the water entices the reader to go and explore the Blue Grotto. 🙂

  2. Wonderful pictures!! And what beautiful poetic lines to add to the magic! I could actually visualise myself in those settings:-)

    Loved everything about this post.


  3. Fabulous journey! This will surely come in handy when i go to Italy some day! For now, i am amazed with the color of water there – greenish and then bluish – just within a few miles?

    Nature surely has too much to be explored!

  4. Imagining the experience you had inside cave is really amazing… Cant wait to visit this cave someday…

  5. It’s strange and a big coincidence that we both thought of Harry Potter’s cave scene with Dumbledore. Still gives me the chills. Lovely post, haven’t YET visited this place 😉

  6. This seems such a beautiful and peaceful pace from your pics :). I guess this is where the real beauty of Mother Earth lies. Far away from the maddening crowd hidden away in such nooks and corners of the world :D.

  7. You remember my reaction from the day you showed me some pics of the blue grotto right? Imagine that going 10 times louder right now! Bucket list place added 😀 😀 😀

  8. I am going to Italy mid-July. Blue Grotto is on the itinerary. I am carrying my DSLR there. Your description of sea water splashing on face is scary (from camera safety perspective). Any special suggestions to protect the camera and lens?

    1. I remember a lot of people didn’t carry cameras because of this fear. It’s always a risk. To be on the safer side, wear a poncho ( you can always duck your camera inside it) or put a rain cover on your camera.
      The risk is only till you get into the cave and out of it.( 2mins)
      Inside, it’s calm and serene:)

      1. Thanks, and Yes! I have now received my visa. So I am certainly going. My camera body is supposed to be weather sealed but lens may not be. I will get a rain cover for my camera bag!

          1. Hey, its 13 days and I haven’t seen your reply. Sorry. Yes I am doing only Italy right now. Want to do justice to one country at a time. I have already been to Swiss, Austria, Budapest, Paris, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, London. Missed Italy all along. Doing it now.

  9. OMG! I’m actually speechless! The place is just surreal! I mean, any photograph doesn’t do enough justice to any place, when compared to actually being there and feeling it! Going by that, I can’t believe how romantic and unbelievable the place would be. Hope I’ll get a chance in future to visit the place

  10. Italy was always on my list! The pictures of Positano, Cinque Terre, the gondolas in Venice, the Milan Cathedral! Wow. It blows my mind every single time. I had no idea what the Blue Grotto was until I read this blog, and I’m so amazed! Thanks for sharing! I really can’t wait to get to Italy someday 🙂

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