Best eating places in Amritsar

Amritsar : the land of the sacred Harmandir Sahib, of the remnants of the Indo-pak partition and of the ancient rich heritage of the pre-partition era.

Also the land of lip smacking Punjabi food! From the delectable Amritsari Kulchas to Ambarsari papad. From the tangy Aam papads to the authentic Dal wadiyan, Amritsar is a food haven!

On a recent trip, I decided to do a quick Food trail in Amritsar and jot down some of my favorite food joints.

Of course first and foremost, there is the Guru Ka Langar at the Golden temple. Simple, yet delectable meals served at the community hall for any and everyone.

Kada prashad
Gur Prasad: Kada prashaad at the Golden temple

Apart from this, there are scores of options: From Dhaabas to fine dining, to chaat stalls to roadside sweetmeat shops,this city has it all.

Foodies need to just be sure of where to go at what time. Chances are that you might enter a shop and find everything sold out! (Yes,it happened with me)

If you plan to visit Amritsar soon,here’s a quick guide to satisfy your hunger pangs:

1. Kesar Da Dhaba: Veg food for the soul.

Kesar menu

The battery rickshaw walah whizzes past the bustling market area and enters tiny, narrow lanes as I hold on tightly. I am sure he has heard it right. I opened my mouth to say “Kesa…” and he gave me a “I-Know-it-all” expression,making me question myself.”Did I actually look starved?”

10 later I am seated in a crowded Dhaaba,with no chairs. Just long benches and tables and about 3-4 waiters scurrying across one table to another, serving Paranthas dripping with desi ghee.

Kesar tandoori

Welcome to Kesar Da Dhaba: one of Amritsar’s oldest vegetarian Dhaaba, nestled in the narrow lanes where cars can’t go.

The waiter takes down my order and I wait for my ghee laden Missi roti and Rajma. A few minutes later, he proudly presents the Missi Roti, as he holds it in his hand and crushes it slightly. (This is something my granny used to do) I smile,as I dig into pure bliss.

Thick malai lassi

Absolutely lip smacking food! The must haves are: the thick Malai Lassi, The Laccha Parantha, Dal Makhani which is simmered overnight in a huge cauldron.

The onions and pickles getting ready to be served

You have options of ordering vegetables and dals in Full or Half, depending on your appetite.

Kesar inside
Inside the Kitchen

Kesar also offers a variety of desserts. Rabdi, Matka Kulfi, Rasmalai, Gulab jamun were all instant hits with me.

Kesar sweets

Verdict: Highly Highly recommended for a sumptuous lunch or dinner.

Address: Town Hall, Near Telephone Exchange, Shastri Market, Amritsar

2. Kanhaiya Sweets: For that perfect Puri-Aloo

It was a cold, winter morning and my breakfast destination was Kanhaiya Sweets on Lawrence road. Usually a lot of us are skeptical of having fried puris early in the morning. But one bite into this meal and you are sure to change your mind.

kanha collage

They serve two huge puris with “launji” and Chole.

Launji is a tangy, sweet and sour version of Aloo Ki sabzi. Extremely unique and delicious! The vegetables are refilled in your thali and you can ask for more puris, because none can have just two!

kanha thali

Absolutely recommended as an ideal Breakfast option, especially in winters.

kanha interiors
Sitting area

Address: Shop 1, Opposite Bijli Pehalwan Mandir, Lawrence Road, White Avenue, Amritsar.

3.Lubhaya Ram Aam Papad wala : for the tangiest Aam papads.

He hasn’t even started shop and I wait outside DAV college on Lawrence road. His famed Aam papads compel people from all over to order his wares from far and wide. He makes me taste all the varieties from huge, transparent jars and quickly removes boxes of the selected ones. He has a variety to choose from: Sweet, tangy and filled with Masala.

Papad wala

Then hands me his business card, incase I wish to order some in Mumbai and he can courier me the order!


Address: Shop A 1,Arya Samaj Mandir Building, Lawrence Road, Amritsar.

4. Brijwasi Chaat: for the best tikki you will have in a long time.


Its a rare thing to see the proprietor dishing out each and every plate of Chaat. At Brijwasis you will find him doing so. In control of all the ingredients, meticulously mixing and preparing each plate.

brijwasi chat

Enter this extremely popular chat shop at 8 ish at night and you will find them winding up! Ordered a Papdi Chaat, Bhalla Chaat, A plate of Tikkis and Golgappe.

brijwasi chaat

The tikkis are delightful. Its not just the good old potato, but a combination of peas, daal and spices that gives it its crispiness.

Must haves: Tikki and Golgappe. The mix in the Golgappas is sinful.

Address: Crystal Chowk, Cooper Road, INA Colony, Amritsar.

5. Crystal: For a fine dining experience.

You really wouldn’t want a fine dining experience in a city that offers so many roadside treats. But if you still want a luxury restaurant experience, there is Crystal.

crystal outisde

Not too high on the Desi ghee and oil and got a variety of Vegetarian and Non vegetarian appetizers and main course dishes.

Amritsari papad

Ideally, I wouldn’t be keen to eat here when there are so many roadside options!

Address: Crystal Chowk, Queens Road, INA Colony, Amritsar

6. Kulcha land: For crispy Amritsari Kulchas

Situated in Ranjit Avenue, opposite MK Hotel, this place serves the quintessential Amritsari Kulcha with copious amounts of white butter,tangy chutney and Chole.

Kulcha land

With a simple,no flair menu, it serves three types of Kulchas: Masala, paneer and the traditional Amritsari Kulcha.

What differentiates it from the others is the spicy filling and the crispiness of the Kulchas.

Address: Opposite M.K Hotel, District Shopping Centre, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar

7. Roadside sweet shop recommendations:

DO NOT MISS these roadside mithai walah shops to satisfy your sweet tooth.

a. Flat Gulab Jamuns: Sharma Sweets.

GJ 1

Hidden in a lane opposite DAV college, off Lawrence road, is a small shop that specializes in flat Gulab jamuns. Buy a piping hot pair of Gulab Jamuns at Rs. 20 and thank me later!


b. Gurdas Ram Jalebi wala

Located in the bustling Town Hall, serving crispy Jalebis, made in pure Desi Ghee. Be prepared to bite into these delectable Jalebis and go straight to heaven and back!


Have any food recommendations in Amritsar?Or have you tried any of these places? Do let me know in the comments.

38 thoughts on “Best eating places in Amritsar

  1. Uff! Now am hungry in the middle of the night here :(. What lovely yummilicious pics :D. In the first pic at the Dhaba, Palak Paneer for Rs 220, seriously? :O Or maybe the quantity would have been a lot?

  2. Loved your post and pictures which brought back fond memories of my trip to Amritsar some years ago. I had a blast when I was posted there for a month and even witnessed a partial solar eclipse sitting in the room of Hotel Surya International. They had some lovely mutton biryani which was my favourite dish out there besides the other veg options which I usually avoid in most other places.

  3. Ohhh soo yummylicious! You lucky girl! Did you weigh yourself before n after this trip? Seriously though, you have done a thorough job researching the best eat outs in Amritsar with fantastic pictures! My mind is made up….Amritsar next holiday!

  4. Should not have read this post near lunch time when all I have in my lunch is salads… Gosh, my mouth is watering… you painted such a brilliant picture of it all… and Aam Paapad!!! I love Aam papad…. like LOOOOVVVVEEEE!!!!

  5. Wow! Now I know what it is like to drool like crazy. Such Yumminess, especially those Gulab Jamuns, they look so perfect. Now I have to go to Amritsar, hopefully soon.

  6. Fab post! You will never believe how we visited Amritsar. On a whirlwind day trip from Chennai!!! A savvy travel agent decided to utilise an idle Jet airways plane parked in Chennai between flights to Brussels for these crazy day packages over several consecutive weeks. It took three hours each way with just enough time for the temple, a dash to Jallianwalbagh and a dhaba lunch. Needless to say we need to return 😀

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