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At the slightest mention of Andamans these days I break into a smile. The scorching weather of Mumbai melts momentarily in the sublime memories of the island where forests enchant and beaches enthrall.

Watch this video and read on…

I close my eyes and recall the warm, tingly feeling of walking on its many beaches:

From the absolutely pristine, straight out of a Hollywood movie: Radhanagar beach in Havelock island with powdery white sands and turquoise waters, to the dramatic Kalapathar beach with its endless coral graveyard and pieces of naturally carved driftwood spread across the beach.


Radhanagar beach, Havelock Island
Radhanagar beach, Havelock Island
Neil Island
Neil Island and its mesmerising waters

From the warm green waters of the Bharatpur beach on Neil island with snails and crabs for company, to the surreal sunset at Chidiya Tapu beach.

Sunset with pebbles and waves at Chidiya Tapu
Sunset with pebbles and waves at Chidiya Tapu

I still remember the music: the roar of the waves crashing on the shores, the loud din of the woodpeckers in Chidiya Tapu, the incessant song of the cicadas in Mt. Harriett and the rustle of walking on dry leaves in the Kala Pathar forest.

The crystal clear stretches of waters changing hues at Jolly Buoy with its magnificient corals and magical marine life to the rare, delightful rendezvous with the dolphins of Wandoor, Andamans never failed to amaze.

More than the joy of snorkelling in sparkling waters or collecting shells of different sizes and shapes was the joy of leaving behind your bag anywhere on the island to find it right there whenever you were back.

Laxmanpur beach, Neil Island, Andamans
Laxmanpur beach, Neil Island, Andamans

It had forests too. Lush, evergreen ones with huge magnificent trees. Trees that made you crane your neck as you traced their length and tempted you to hug them with all your might.

Laxmanpur beach, Neil Island, Andamans
Laxmanpur beach, Neil Island, Andamans

From the fragrances of the forests of Mt.Hariett to the mesh of mangroves at Baratang island with picture-perfect canopies.

Mangrove canopies at Baratang Island
Mangrove canopies at Baratang Island
The widespread Mangroves

And then there were limestone caves and a long memorable journey to reach them.

Limestone caves at Baratang Island

There were scribblings on the sand, conversations with the waves, tireless countings of the shining stars in the clear night sky at Neil and hide and seek with the many feathered beauties of the island.



Long balmy walks to Corbyn’s cove at port Blair to the crazy shopping sessions at Sagarika emporium. The rolling and pitching of the high-speed craft Makcruzz ferrying passengers to the islands to watching the lilting of waves onboard MV Belle.


Sunset at Corbyn’s cove, Port Blair

Local interactions made the journeys worthwhile: meeting the strong willed Anuradha, the guide at Ross Island whose passion for her job and the island had a ripple effect on her audience, conversations with Aziz, the sailor on MV Makruzz from Minicoy island, a place I knew nothing about and the absolutely delectable food cooked by Reshma, the girl from Ranchi who worked in a local eatery.

Miles away from the mainland, with little connectivity, it felt an alien country, but yet I was at home.
When Pobitro met every teeny weeny demand, ( from chocolate icecream to the fiercely guarded wifi password), the Cook at Ripple dished out meals like they’re cooked at home, the best ever idli Wada was found at a jaw dropping rate in the middle of a forest and Drumstick leaves pakodas were gobbled at Laxmanpur beach at Neil Island, when everyone at the island lent a helping hand and nights were spent chatting endlessly with Janhvi, who wouldn’t be at home.

I feel the sprays of sea salt and the cool sea breeze, till I hear honks of cars and the screeching of buses in this busy street.
I think I left a part of me, under the tall Mahua tree, or on the Kala Pathar beach maybe,

In this paradise called Andamans.

86 thoughts on “For the love of Andamans

  1. Such a lovely post! The video is nicely made too! 🙂 My favorite photo is from Neil Island with the trees on the water – gorgeous <3 The last one has a very nice sand color too, almost white like you can find in Maldives 🙂 I am glad you had a great time there – after checking out this post Andaman islands is even higher on my list of places to visit 🙂 I found and started following you on Instagram, just wanted to say that you take fantastic photos and write very well!

    1. Thanks Pooja. That picture is my favourite too 🙂 Following you back on Instagram! Thanks so much for the appreciation! <3

  2. I haven’t been to the Andamans yet but its high up on my wishlist! The pristine beach and white sand is so gorgeous. The backwaters in your video reminds me of Pichavaram in Tamil Nadu!

      1. Yup, it is close to Pondicherry! You should visit. Take a manual rowing boat that can enter all tiny canals and crevices in the water and without any noise! Bird spotting is just spectacular.

  3. Andaman is high on my bucket list and as I keep reading the posts on the same, my urge for traveling and visiting this island keeps on increasing. Your pictures are beautiful and so is your writing style. All these islands looks so pristine.

  4. I can see why you call this area a paradise. It’s amazing to find beautiful beaches, forests and limestone caves all in one place. And I love your photos! I especially like the way you photograph the twisted trees.

  5. Beautiful post and even more fantastic photos
    Like you I have left a part of me in the Andamans. Now going back next year to visit Long Island and perhaps Little Andamans too

    1. Thanks so much Doreen 🙂 For introducing me to this beauty and making me explore the off beat parts of this paradise 🙂 Someday Little Andamans and Ross and Smith too!

    1. LOL ! My reasons for not visiting her blog is slightly different but yeah, I hear you ! Let’s boycott Divsi! 😛

  6. Andaman has always been on my list for years but unfortunately didn’t happen.. This trip sounds amazing.. You shut are such an experimental journey. I am water baby and I truly crazill will fall in love with it.. I was madly in love with Lakshadweep so imagine stayed back for 3 months there.. Great photos 🙂 BTW was this a family trip or with friends? Or a FAM trip… Wanted to know the pricing details.

  7. Such beautiful contrasts and bursts of colours on some of those images, Divyakshi.
    Andaman has been on the cards for as long as I can remember – now I know who can be my guide 🙂

  8. First, your ever gorgeous photos always try to kill me with envy ! And the video is also very good. You rock girl!
    I know why you call this a paradise. Can you imagine I have never been there? So I know whom to bug whenever I head that side. One week should be enough I guess?

    The beach at Chidiya Tapu has some colorful star fishes.. Did you take them to beach for a photo shoot? 🙂

    1. hehe:) Thanks Nisha! It’s so heartening to see such a compliment from you:) Thanks a ton. You can bug me whenever 🙂 One week should be fine. The star fishes are props for a shoot, you guessed it right! 🙂

  9. The beaches look so pristine, tranquil and out of the world kind of place. You make melody girl; I am in love with your music.

  10. I only visited Lakshadweep and now I really want to go to Andamans too! I’m sure they are pretty much similar – unspoiled paradise with white sand and crystal clear sea. I prefer those islands rather than closed, segregated resorts of Maldives full of tourists – they lack the authenticity. But the Andmans is my place to go to 🙂

  11. Love that walk in the widespread mangroves, reminds us of white snow or something like that you know? Only snow missing haha. Great spot there, we would love to go!

  12. You gave me a great walk through my memory lane Divsi. I visited this place in my high school time, before and after Tsunami. It is a real paradise indeed. Great captures and thanks for sharing 🙂 Very well curated post.

  13. OMG! The pictures are just brilliant Divsi!! Those colours, those stretches of turquoise water just call to you. Loved the post Divsi 🙂

  14. You had me at those stunning pictures of the beaches of Andaman. Loved your poetic narrative especially. I have been somehow pushing ahead visiting Andaman and now I feel I shouldn’t!

  15. I cannot agree more. Due to the nonfunctional jetty – I missed seeing Neil Island and Ross Island but Kala Pather was beautiful. VT and I have already made up our minds for another trip 🙂 The mention of Andamans brings happiness this side too.
    Such lovely pictures Divyakshi.

  16. This place looks incredible! It acutally reminds me of Railay in Thailand with the gorgeous water and the rocks. I love beaches and tropical places with mangrove trees! They add such a fun contrast to the typical beach views!

  17. Andaman is amazing and I must say that they are the cleanest beach side in India/ Thanks to god that they are well away from New Delhi, else these beautiful beaches would never stay as clean 🙂

  18. The Andaman Islands are a place with a growing rep. From reading about your idyllic experience here, plus seeing the beautiful, scenic pictures, I can see why. I’m planning on a return to India in the not too distant future, and I will certainly look in to factoring them in to my travel plans!

  19. I had to google where the Andamans are! Those images of the beaches are incredible, so picturesque and yes they are worthy of being in a Hollywood movie. It must be so peaceful there and the sunsets must be incredible.

  20. Whoa! The beaches are gorgeous… my legs are aching to walk there. Not sure when I can land there. I think twice I had planned and then got them cancelled for some other commitment. Those starfish are attractive 🙂 made me look twice. 😛 🙂

  21. I watched your video. It was wonderful. The water is so clean. I like your photo of the mangrove the best. It’s like a hidden gem.

    Iza c/o Fill My Passport

  22. The touch of the Zindagi na milegi soundtrack is so nice and I loved the whole video. I was supposed to go to Andamans last month but that has been cancelled. After seeing your video, I so want to go. Local interactions are something I love about visiting any new place.

  23. Wow.. You have clicked some amazing photographs. Andaman’s beaches are so lovely and colorful, I can’t wait to plan a trip to these wonderful islands. Very nicely written and great video. Thanks for sharing.

  24. You made a wonderful video! Andamans really looks like paradise. It’s my first time to hear of this place (sorry) and I’m glad I found it on your blog! Nature at its finest. 🙂

  25. This looks absolutely glorious. Love the photos you have taken.
    the trees looks enorme and the water looks amazing, it is so colorful, truly a paradise! I am not sure if I have heard of this place.
    But this really show that India got some incredible beaches. I have always wanted to visit India

  26. Andamans are truly a paradise! Love your photography and your video as weel. Reading about this was interesting because I had no idea such a place was real

  27. Sounds like you had a lovely time in the Andamans. Travelling to places that end up feeling like home and hold a special piece of you is such a special experience. Beautiful photos of the beaches and jungles.

  28. WOW! Looks like paradise, the water is crystal clear. Beautiful photos too, would love to visit someday. The video made me want to be there right now! Thanks for sharing.

  29. Andamans has so much more besides the beaches, doesn’t it? Ross Island is particularly eerie and surreal, with its overgrown root trees and dark corners. And Chidiya Tapu sunsets…wow!

  30. It looks like a fantastic place for beach lovers. I loved your story and pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Traveling is about seeing new places, but it so much more rewarding when you get to interact with the locals. It looks and sounds absolutely lovely!

  32. Adamans is a beautiful place. We prefer islands like these rather than just sandbars and beaches. The trees, caves, and mangrove forest all promise more activities than just frolicking and sunbathing. We would definitely love to visit here someday.

  33. Love the pictures! Especially the Neil Island looks amazing and also loving the tree with roots all over it. Sometimes it is the little things that we see on our trips that make the big picture seem so special. I would love to visit these places.

  34. You have beautifully captured the stunning beauty of Andaman. It has so much to offer to a visitor in terms of history as well as natural beauty. Planning a trip here since long. Let’s see when that happens

  35. What an absolutely beautiful place. I have been dreaming of visiting here for a while, looks like a fantastic little break. The beaches are glorious and look like something out of a movie

  36. This looks like a wonderful place to explore. I never heard of the islands before but now I want to go. You have given me the wanderlust and totally loving the pictures 🙂

  37. Your photos are stunning! I feel my blood pressure decreasing just looking at the beautiful, relaxing scenery. I would love to see all of that in person.

  38. When it comes to Andaman, I think most would just think about beaches, beaches and beaches. I’m glad that you shared info about and photos of the limestone caves and mangrove areas too because I’m definitely interested in those two too.

  39. What a beautiful place! The pristine white sand beaches are to die for and I’m sure any nature lover would be happy to spend a few days exploring the area. I’d love to visit myself!

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